Adult Immunisations

Flu Vaccinations

We offer Flu Vaccinations each year from September to December to those identified as at risk by the government. Eligibility varies slightly each year, but usually includes all those aged 65 years and those with a range of chronic conditions:

  • Chronic respiratory disease (including asthma)
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Chronic renal disease
  • Diabetic
  • Immunocompromised
  • If you live in a long-stay residential or nursing home
  • If you have a chronic liver disease
  • If you have a learning disability
  • If you are a carer

We will invite patients by text message or letter and telephone when our clinics are available to book.

a person being injected in the arm with a needle

Pneumonia Vaccinations

Everybody aged 65 and over should now be offered a one-off vaccination to help protect them against pneumococcal infection which can cause diseases such as pneumonia, septicaemia (blood poisoning) and meningitis. Please phone the surgery during September to make an appointment if you are 65 or over.  You can have your pneumonia vaccination at the same appointment as your annual flu vaccination. 

Shingles Vaccinations

All patients aged 70 to 79 are eligible for the shingles vaccine.  This is a one-off vaccination that must be given before your 80th birthday.  Appointments can be made at any time of year, vaccine stock permitting, so please telephone us if you are aged 70-79 and would like to be vaccinated against Shingles.

Please note that this vaccine should be given on its own and not within 7 days of any other vaccinations.